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Formative Assessment 2024

  • Update new staff
  • See new examples
  • Learn the latest on raising self-efficacy, talk, curriculum design, learning frameworks, feedback, cognitive science

“Thank you for your inspiring input today. It was fantastic to collaborate as a cluster and I’m excited about the next steps in all six schools!”

“Loved the combination of theory and practical strategies. Great examples and videos across the phases and lots of reflection and discussion opportunities. This will be transformative!”

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Shirley and Dr Angela Evans (Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist) come to your venue for a fee

Reducing Anxiety in our Schools

  • Children can’t access the curriculum and learn when they experience anxiety. Mental health issues have exploded and escalated, with even primary children self- harming, school-refusing and suffering general anxiety. We have worked together to give understanding and practical solutions to all those involved in education.

“Excellent training – wish our whole school SLT had come. Thought provoking looking at ways to avoid anxiety in the first place rather than interventions to fix it.”

“This was a highly engaging and informative day. I learnt so many new things — lots of food for thought about projection and containment.”

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Great resource - excellent video clips available by joining Shirley Clarke's platform.

Pie Corbett

Clips available covering formative assessment strategies and reducing anxiety, now include: 1-1 in the moment feedback, teacher modelling of peer improvement, quality cooperative peer improvement, desirable difficulties, involving pupils in planning, mindset discussions, group roles in action, co-construction of success criteria.