London special event - 27th November 2023

Formative Assessment 2023

  • Update new staff
  • See new examples
  • Explore links with reducing anxiety

Target audience all primary educators

Presented by world expert Shirley Clarke (M.Ed; Hon. Doc)

Guest speaker Dr Angela Evans (Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist)

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Shirley comes to your venue for a fee

The Power of Formative Assessment

  • Update new staff
  • See new examples
  • Learn the latest on raising self-efficacy, talk, learning frameworks, feedback, cognitive science
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Shirley and Dr Angela Evans come to your venue for a fee

Reducing Anxiety in our Primary Schools

  • Projection and containment, extreme emotions, practical strategies
  • Links with formative assessment and the curriculum
  • Case study head’s strategies for containment
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Great resource - excellent video clips available by joining Shirley Clarke's platform.

Pie Corbett

Clips available covering formative assessment strategies and reducing anxiety, now include: 1-1 in the moment feedback, teacher modelling of peer improvement, quality cooperative peer improvement, desirable difficulties, involving pupils in planning, mindset discussions, group roles in action, co-construction of success criteria.